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The Social Pitch

Hatch Innovation
2420 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97232, United States (map)



Applications are due by June 10th!

The next Social Pitch is on September 8th!

The Social Pitch provides emerging social entrepreneurs with an opportunity to receive funding and engage the community with their projects. It is an alternative funding model for community good.

In person attendee: Your ticket price gets you a delicious bowl of soup and a vote. At the end of the afternoon, after hearing the presentations and a short Q&A session with the do-good entrepreneurs, ballots are counted, and prizes are awarded. Remote attendee: Your ticket price gets you a vote. At the end of the afternoon, after watching the presentations and a short Q&A session with the do-good entrepreneurs, your votes via our Facebook poll will be counted, and prizes will be awarded.

What funds the cash prizes? One hundred percent of the ticket revenue goes to funding the Cash Prizes. Your money goes directly to supporting an amazing community project or social enterprise! Thank you!

How does it work?

  1. People with great, early-stage ideas (projects or startups) that will provide lasting benefit to our community submit applications, and we pick five of them to present their ideas.
  2. Then, community members buy tickets to attend—whether in-person or via Facebook Live tickets—with each ticket granting the attendee a vote. If you’re an in-person attendee, you also get to enjoy freshly-baked bread and a bowl of soup brought to you by SoupCycle!
  3. After the five presentations, the attendees vote, and all of the votes are tallied. The presenter with the most votes wins the cash prize!

Beyond the cash prize (everyone is a Winner.) Each presenter receives:

  • Cash Prizes from ticket revenue of The Social Pitch and business service prizes (such as marketing or tech support)
  • Your own custom-made promotional video to use to promote your project (value: $500)
  • Pitch Clinic (value: $50)
  • Up to 30 days of On-Demand membership at HatchLab PDX (value: $675)
  • Plus, the experience and networking the finalists gain from being a part of this program and community (value: priceless)

More info! https://hatchthefuture.org/the-social-pitch/ https://hatchthefuture.org/the-social-pitch/the-social-pitch-faqs/

Please submit here! https://hatchthefuture.org/the-social-pitch/tsp-application/