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Dorkbot Workshop: Linux Audio and Music Making

CTRL-H Hackerspace
7608 N Interstate Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97217, US (map)



Interested in making music on Linux? Ever wanted to customize your own interface and workflow in your music making? Use your phone to do some mobile EQ-ing a venue, or completely repurpose a midi controller?

In this introductory workshop, we will explore different ways of interfacing with Linux-based audio applications in order to optimize modularity/customizability in an accessible fashion - this class is open to all levels, even if you are brand new to Linux!

I will demonstrate how users can use OSC (Open Sound Control, an alternative and complement to MIDI) to communicate between different programs such as Sooperlooper, Puredata (PD), Ardour, etc. We will utilize open-stage-control to play with how you can make your own GUI in an easy way. We will also glimpse at integrating some modules from automatonism in PD, which should feel familiar for synth lovers. I recommend installing and playing around with automatonism in PD (or another flavor of PD such as purrdata ) if you get the chance beforehand!

A Raspberry Pi or Linux laptop will be sufficient for this class, but you will probably want to use a usb sound card or an audio hat unless youdon't mind lots of cracks and pops! We will try to have as many computers available as we can on hand.