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Add Augmented Reality to your design portfolio in 2019

52 Limited
330 SE Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard
Portland, Oregon 97214, United States of America (map)
Public WiFi

Access Notes

Knock on the front door, get led downstairs!

52 Limited 135 Northeast 9th Avenue Portland, OR 97232




Worldwide, there are now over a billion mobile devices with augmented reality capabilities. Augmented reality (AR) apps let people see and interact with digital content in their physical reality. Apple, Facebook, and Snapchat have pioneered early techniques and technologies to insert digital images (and interactions) on top of real-world objects, but the possibilities of these channels remain relatively unexplored.

We’re at an inflection point for user experience and interaction design. Whether or not we’ve planned for it, we’re all 3D designers now. It’s the perfect time to extend your design skills into this new reality.

Jessica Outlaw of The Extended Mind, in partnership with Torch AR is offering a half-day workshop for designers and design producers. In this hands-on training, you will develop an understanding of immersive tech, interaction design in 3D space, and existing AR use cases. During the workshop, you’ll concept, plan, and build your own AR experience prototype.

*No augmented reality experience or coding is needed. Space is limited. Details:

Welcome 8:30 AM Workshop 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Part 1: The state of the immersive technology today. You will demo mobile AR technology and learn about the range of use cases.

Part 2: Techniques for AR interaction design. We will compare and contrast 2D & 3D design patterns.

Part 3: Designing with Mobile AR. You will design and develop an interactive AR experience prototype for your portfolio.