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Meet The Meetups in Vancouver, WA

Tandem Hall
808 Main Street
Vancouver, WA 98660, US (map)



Have you ever been told to attend meetups, different networking groups and organizations? This is a common thing with professionals. Most of the time, people want to learn about all of these organizations, but they don't have the time to go and attend them all. We all live busy lives with multiple commitments. Meet the Meetups is for those busy people! We are going to have 16+ technical SW Washington and Portland meetups all in the same location! For one night only, we have gathered some of the most popular meetups to showcase what they are about. The event is FREE and food, beer and wine will be available to purchace at the event. This is in the evening so EVERYONE has a chance to come by. We have some great local speakers coming as well! Don't miss your chance to learn about these meetups!