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Indie UX/UI Meetup: Hack Night

Shut Up and Eat
3848 SE Gladstone St
Portland, Oregon 97202, US (map)




Open work time. Bring your projects, we'll hang out and work on things together. Ask/answer questions, explore new tools, chat about design.

Venue: Side room at Shut Up and Eat in SE Portland

This is a community-driven event, so if you have ideas for future meetup topics, let us know. During the meetup please buy something to eat or drink to support our awesome venue.


Do you freelance? Are you still learning? Are you the only designer on your team? You might be an indie designer.

The goal of this group is to build community. We aim to help people feel more fulfilled, supported, and connected in their work. ALL people working or interested in design are welcome but most especially women, nonbinary folks, LGBTQA+, POC, and any others who are not well supported or represented in the tech industry.