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Quantified Self Show&Tell Talks (w/ QS co-founder Gary Wolf)

WeWork Custom House
220 Northwest 8th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)

Check in via the Guest Registration Tablet at the Front Desk. WeWork requires that you provide photo ID to get in.



Please join us for a night of conversation on self-tracking where we share ideas, tools and experiments with the Portland Quantified Self community. A special treat, Gary Wolf, the co-founder of Quantified Self will be in attendance!

If you keep track of your life in any way – life logging, athletic performance, mood, sleep, medical symptoms, happiness, energy, etc. – come and share your methods, results and insight.

Here's our agenda:

Intro and Announcements - 6:15 sharp!

Presentations - 6:30 to 7:30

• Steven - Lessons learned from Bloodtesters (group research in the spirit of self-experimentation). • Mike - Does mindfulness and physical training actually affect my attention? • Heather - How I monitor the quality of my artistic process. • Gary - 7 years of meditation tracking • Anton - Using stimulus control for school work. • Alec - I made a tool to help see meditation in a new way. • Plus more! Let us know if you have a project to share when you sign up.

Social Time - 7:30 to 8 pm After some amazing presentations, we will have some time to converse with those around us.

Where our talks come from: Our talks come from you! Do you have a personal self-tracking story to share? Please let us know in your RSVP. You can let the three prime questions guide your presentation:

What did you do? How did you do it? What did you learn?

Here are examples from previous Quantified Self events:
• Ellis Bartholomeus: My Health Scars.
• Kyrill Potapov: Tracking Productivity for Personal Growth.
• Whitney Erin Boesel: My Numbers Sucked But I Made This Baby Anyway.