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Agile Practitioners' Book Club: The Human Side of Agile

Rogue Eastside Pub & Pilot Brewery
928 SE 9th Ave
Portland, OR 97214 (map)

Rogue Eastside has beer and food. Order at the bar. Barrel room is in the back of Rogue - just past the main bar area. If you're lost, ask the bartender :)



This time we dive into the people side of Agile. Best practices are necessary and valuable, and will build your foundation for success. But what if your team's agile journey to greatness is stagnating?

Let's read Gil Broza's The Human Side of Agile and talk about how we can foster our teams to excellence. Join us to discuss concrete takeaways to tackle these kinds of "soft" problems that can be so hard to overcome. We hope to see you there and hear your insights about this book!