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Emacs Monthly Meetup

Workday Beaverton Office
4145 SW Watson Avenue
Beaverton, OR 97005, United States (map)

This meeting will also be located in Workday’s new location in Beaverton: now 50 feet closer to the “Beaverton Central” MAX stop.

Use either elevator to go to the 5th floor to Suite 500 and ring the bell. If you have troubles getting in, we will have a text number on a sign on the front of the building.


As the Ultimate Nerd Battle for Editor Anecdotal Mindshare (UNBEAM) closes in on forty years, the VI forces has taken over the Emacs Cathedral in Portland threatening the diocese. But during an intense battle of differing perspectives, a metallic ship emerges from space. Aliens beamed a message to the surface of the planet:

Nerdy Earthlings, can we call you Nerdlings? You need not fight anymore! The best editor is neither Emacs nor Vim, it’s Emacs and Vim. Combine your ideologies and merge your effort, and please end this useless conflict.

This month’s Emacs Meetup has been pre-empted for a full discussion about combining Emacs and VI using the Spacemacs system (see www.spacemacs.org). We are planning on three separate presentations:

  1. Introduction to Spacemacs, and how to use it as either an Emacs or VI user.
  2. Customizing Spacemacs using their Layer approach.
  3. Vi-like Spacemacs features that neither Emacs nor VI offer, .e.g. a Lisp “modal” State for manipulating s-expressions using Paredit, and how this can be applied to other programming languages.

Hope to see you all there!