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Personal Telco Project Weekly Meeting with Municipal Fiber discussion

Buffalo Gap,
6835 S.W. Macadam Avenue,
Portland, OR 97219, US (map)

Should be in the front room, to the right after you enter the main doors.



This is our first Weekly Meeting of 2018. To get the new year off to a running start, we are going to lead off the meeting with a discussion about Municipal Fiber. I am always ready to talk about it, but particularly so this time because the simmering pot of public opinion had an extra jolt of fire over the holidays with the retrograde FCC vote, voiding the Open Internet rules that the previous Wheeler FCC had adopted, and has begun to boil over. A number of scattered efforts have emerged trying to push a municipal internet system (e.g. on Facebook and Reddit). I have invited a number of them to our meeting. I also saw David Olson (BCC'd) this morning and invited him to come along, which he suggested was a possibility, although he has another engagement, so he'll need to leave after the first hour.

And we have a smattering of other business on the agenda.

Should be fun! See you there!