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Portland Deep Learning: Peer mentoring discussion + Matt Boyd w/ overview of setting up a project.

2828 Southwest Corbett Avenue
Portland, OR 97201, US (map)

We are in room #200



Lets get together to discuss all aspects of deep learning and any questions you may have on the Fast.AI or Andrew Ng's coursera course.

Also our own Matt Boyd will lead a discussion on:

"What I've found that works and can still be improved"

Matt will do a brief overview of the general approach to setting up a deep learning Kaggle project, touch on 2 or 3 good practices to follow, and throw around some ideas of what to improve.

Mat will cover how to index the data and build train/validation sets, finding the right balance of augmentation, and strategies for keeping results for 50+ different models straight.

All levels of experience are welcome. We rarely have presentations, though we may someone lead a discussion. Bring your questions, projects and ideas, basic or advanced, and we'll try to help.