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Women's Tech Talk Series - UX & Design



So many of us are building really cool shit at work and in the community - let's share, recognize and applaud our badassery. Through this WTT series, we aim to perpetuate the technical learning and teaching component within our industry.

Partnering with local WIT communities we'll meet monthly for a lightning talk + keynote, followed by Q&A. Oh, and food/drink. Curated for a technical audience compromised of but not limited to women, transgender and non binary friends. We'll start promptly at 5:15 and end by 6:30, we welcome kiddos too.

UX/Design Speaker Lineup!

Lightning Talk, Callie Carroll: DIY Usability Testing for Devs - UX Research for Non Researchers Callie survived the life of a front-end web developer during the (original) Dot-Com Bubble, working at companies like Yahoo!, Sabre, and Fiserv. After, she shifted her focus deliberately to usability and accessibility, earning a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction, and worked in house as a User Experience Researcher at Amazon and Intel, and in accessibility at Apple.

Keynote, Carrie Bisazza: Design Leadership - Solving CX At Scale, My Path from Pixels to Spreadsheets Carrie is the Director of Selling Design Experience at eBay.

Questions/want to chat/interested in speaking? [email protected]