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OWASP: Cryptography 101/Part 2 - When Good Crypto Goes Bad

Jama Software (New Office)
135 SW Taylor Suite 200
Portland, Oregon 97204, United States (map)




A well known security expert and cryptographer, Thomas H. Ptáček, once said:

"If You're Typing the Letters A-E-S Into Your Code You're Doing It Wrong".

Wait, what?!? Doesn't everyone use AES? Of course we do. Is AES broken? Nope. In this developer-oriented talk I'll explore the kinds of mistakes programmers commonly make when implementing cryptosystems; just how easily these problems can be exploited in the real world; and what Thomas meant by his statement.

Speaker's Bio

Tim taught himself how to write software at the age of twelve and has been a die-hard technologist ever since. After earning his computer science degrees (B.S., Harvey Mudd College and M.S., Northeastern University), Tim spent 8 years helping build a Boston-based information security consulting practice that was recently acquired. In 2014, Tim founded Blindspot Security where he has continued his work as a security consultant, helping his customers understand how digital intruders can gain access to their critical business assets through network, application, and comprehensive security assessments.