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PDX OSGeo Monthly meeting

Ecotrust (Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center)
721 NW Ninth Ave
Portland, Oregon 97209, US (map)

We'll meet in the Ecotrust Alder Room. Enter the atrium of the Ecotrust building from either side. Feel free to bring food and/or beer up with you from Hot Lips or Laughing Planet! Walk up the inside stairs along the East Wall or take the elevator to the second floor. The Alder Room entrance is right behind the Ecotrust front desk. We'll have the gate open for at least the first part of the meeting. If it's not open, call Tanya at 503-475-7833 or just yell through the gate at us :-)



Monthly meeting of the Portland open source GIS group. Projects big and small are usually presented monthly along with rousing conversation and discussion. All are welcome, no need to RSVP - our group ranges from the geo-curious to the überhackers so bring your ideas and questions!

This month's agenda: exciting happenings in geodata, a recap of summer events and FOSS4G highlights. Special guest Ricardo Morin will talk about "Highlighting Oregon’s WildLands" (HOWL), a recap of his presentation in Boston. More information at Ricardo's blog here: http://blog.rikitraki.com/FOSS4G-update/ and in the full abstract below [1].

In addition, bring your own geo-show and tell, and come ready to share info on any fall geo-happenings that are on the horizon!

Our mailing list is here drop us a line with any questions: http://groups.google.com/group/pdx-osgeo


[1] HOWL: 3D/4D mapping and visualization of Oregon’s wildlands

The HOWL (Highlighting Oregon's WildLands) project aims to create an interactive 3D/4D mapping and visualization tool for presenting spatio-temporal information relevant to the preservation of wilderness and wildlife protection in Oregon. HOWL will be available to conservation advocates (e.g., Oregon Wild) and the general public, to improve dissemination, understanding and interpretation of multiple publicly available data sources. Candidate data sets include boundaries of current and proposed wilderness areas, wild and scenic river areas, national forests and other public lands, wildfire events, wildlife migrations, deforestation history, and satellite imagery, to name a few.

HOWL is a web application being built using CesiumJS, a powerful open source 3D mapping and visualization library, which enables incorporating not only realistic terrain modeling, but also volumetric symbols to build interactive 3D thematic maps. In addition, HOWL will leverage the temporal visualization capabilities of CesiumJS to add the 4th dimension, thus enabling dynamic playback of related past and/or predicted events. Visualizations examples include wildfire history in old growth forest areas, wildlife migration records, and deforestation chronicles.

This presentation dives into details of building HOWL by leveraging open source front-end components (e.g., CesiumJS, jQuery, Bootstrap), back-end tools (e.g., MapShaper, toGeoJson, TopoJSON, node.js) and workflows for data acquisition, transformation, and integration. The presentation addresses key design decisions, technical challenges and future developments.