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Emacs Monthly Hackers Group

Workday Beaverton Office
4145 SW Watson Avenue
Beaverton, OR 97005, United States (map)

If coming on the MAX, pass by the 24 Hour Fitness to the far, South side of the building and text or dial the number posted on the door.



This evening, Howard Abrams will kick off our new Emacs Hackery season by showing off some Emacs features for hacking Emacs Lisp…. that’s right, using Emacs to program Emacs Lisp (what a concept). This will be followed by some interesting ways to look up Emacs functions, which includes the illustrious suggest.el project.

With our environment initialized, we’ll start to hack on a new project (a game) that uses some of the new data structure libraries that have showed up in the Emacs ecosystem lately.