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Meaningful Reality: Moving Beyond the Hype


2250 Northwest 22nd Avenue #601 Portland, OR 97210



An educational panel covering development, design, application, business use, and usability of mixed reality (Augmented and Virtual Reality) technology. Walk away with valuable insight from leaders in the emerging tech space, and learn how to apply this new technology in productive and functional ways for your business. With advances in technology, such as AR and VR, Mixed Reality is quickly being “hyped” up to become the next big technological milestone. From cardboard VR headsets, to your neighbors playing PokemonGo, we’ve all been exposed to some form of Mixed Reality. While these iterations are very playful, there’s a reason we’re seeing major investment in Mixed Reality. Our panelists will provide interesting insight into the current world of Mixed Reality, when it’s a fit for your brand and when it’s not, the impact on your business and service offerings, what core use-case is best for you, how to start exploring Mixed Reality, and the potential future of this technology.

featuring DevelopmentNow, Fiction, Giant Astronaut, and PixelPool