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Docker Portland, OR - Habitat - Automation that travels with your applications

New Relic
111 Southwest 5th Avenue
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)



One of the dreams of development is to build a software package once, then be able to deploy it anywhere. Come to this talk to learn how to create software packages that run (almost) anywhere. You will see how the same application can be run on bare metal, on a VM, or in a container - with everything needed to automate that application already built into the package itself. This even works with a mixed infrastructure - metal for your static compute heavy loads, vms for your persistent data stores, and ephemeral short lived containers for your applications managed by Kubernetes or other container scheduling services.


6:00 - Welcome, networking, and food

6:30 - Nell Shamrell-Harrington - "Habitat" 

Come to this talk to learn how to build and deploy Habitat packages with the intelligence to self organize into topologies, no central orchestrator needed. Learn how the dream of platform agnostic and self organizing packages is fulfilled today and where it will evolve in the future.