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Refresh Portland — The Shady Web: How CSS is your brand’s body language

1140 SW 11th Ave Suite 200
Portland, OR 97205, US (map)



Navigating the web has turned into a treacherous exercise. Between sidebars, popups, scroll overs, and pre-checked boxes, you have to avoid the content you don’t want to unearth the content you do want. As these practices in distraction and diversion become the norm, marketers are pressured to follow suit. Just because marketers can, does not mean that we should. We need to do better. We shouldn’t have to resort to cheap tricks and bait-and-switch tactics to generate sales.

Together we will look at the difference between influencing genuine user behavior and tricking people through the use of CSS patterns and interactions. Learn how you can add motion into your digital properties in a way that builds trust with your users and gives them what they need, and nothing more.

Our Presenter, Heidi Olsen

Heidi Olsen has navigated through the treacherous world of web development for the past 9 years. Her goal is to make the web less shady and more thoughtful. You may find her browsing Twitter, blogs, and Slack channels in search of finding better approaches to our digital space.

Heidi is currently a Senior Developer at eROI, a full-service creative agency in Portland, Ore. eROI partners with innovative brands such as Taco Bell, Nike, and Aramark to craft compelling experiences.