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New Relic
111 SW 5th Avenue, suite 500
Portland, OR 97204, us (map)

If you have issues finding the group, text Spencer at 619-980-7820.



Join us for the Feb meeting of PdxDevOps.



Name: E. Dunham (https://twitter.com/QEDunham) Topic: Automating more of the things

One aspect of DevOps is that one person can accomplish multiple peoples' worth of work by delegating tasks to other people or systems. I'll introduce you to some of the systems that the Rust and Servo developers delegate community management tasks to, and show you how they can be useful in more conventional settings.

edunham is the "DevOps Engineer" for Mozilla Research.

Jesse Dearing (https://twitter.com/JesseDearing)

Topic: Failure and RCAs: A Love Story
I love failure! I don't love to bathe in the tears of engineers but I love understanding how the systems that run our world fail. Everything from a failed hardware component to a human mistake. I love reading RCAs like murder mysteries. I will cover failure, how to learn from it, and preventing it. I will cover tools, processes, and techniques for reviewing and learning from failure without making people cry.

Jesse Dearing is a Lead Site Reliability Engineer at InVisionApp where he wrangles databases and builds tools to manage them. Jesse likes to learn how languages connect to other systems. Jesse likes making everything a Bash one-liner and is his own chaos monkey as a result. When he's not picking apart systems and automating them, he enjoys riding bikes, reading, and spending time with family.

pdxdevops is a Portland, Oregon user group that explores the glorious intersection of software development and systems operations, and shares practical advice on working effectively in an era of agile infrastructure, server automation and cloud computing. The group welcomes participants interested in any related products, technologies and methodologies. The group has been meeting regularly since August 2010 for presentations, demos and discussions applicable to all skill levels, from newbies and experts. Every month 15-35 people come together to share their knowledge, projects and enthusiasm for devops โ€“ join us!