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Creating the Future of AI: Not Just for Silicon Valley Pt 2.

Forge Portland
Portland, OR 97205, us (map)



Forge is pleased to announce the second set of presenters in its monthly series on AI Morality, scheduled for November 15, from 6:30-8:00 pm: Steve Taylor from The College of Robotics and Eric Brickenstein an attorney at Hagland-Kelley LLP.

Steve will talk about where he sees the future of robotics going and how robots will interact with AI in the very near future. We are already seeing examples of robots using machine learning to learn from each other in order to better accomplish factory jobs, and as we move closer to AI, robots and machines will become increasingly autonomous from human input or control.

Eric will frame in broad strokes the fields of legal inquiry that may emerge as AI begins to have the ability to ‘think’ and ‘reason.’ Eric will address issues of privacy and how data can be collected; discuss briefly the potential for any legal framework to govern the development of future AI; and broach the topic of machine rights and a theoretical framework for considering when rights might attach to certain types of machines.

Our last discussion posed 4 questions: How is AI and AI morality defined? What are the dangers and opportunities associated with AI? What about our relationship to technology will always be true? And what about our relationship to technology will likely change as AI develops?

This session we will consider 4 new questions in small group/break out format.

Tickets are limited to 50 participants and sold out in a week for our 1st session. Beer will be provided.