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Portland Java User Group (PJUG)

New Relic
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Check in at the security desk to get access to the 27th floor. This usually isn't required for official events and meetups.



Building HTML5 web apps in Java with Vaadin

In this presentation, we'll take a look at building HTML5 web applications in Java using the open source Vaadin framework. Vaadin takes a different approach to web application development by automating many of the most time consuming aspects of traditional web development. Instead of constructing your application from low level DOM elements and manually handling communication and data serialization, Vaadin takes care of server-client communication and allows you to work with higher level UI components in Java. The end result is a great looking HTML5 web application that you can use in any browser without plugins.

During the presentation, we'll build a Vaadin application from scratch to demonstrate the basic principles and development practices hands-on. We'll take a look at why and when you would want to use Vaadin, and will of course investigate how things work under the hood. At the end of the presentation you should have learned enough that you can start building your first Vaadin application.

Speaker Marcus Hellberg:

Marcus has been working with web technology for the last 15 years on everything ranging from front end development to backend architectures. Currently Marcus works as a developer advocate at Vaadin, helping the web development community learn about new technologies through blogging, workshops, talks and a lot of demo apps.