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PDXWIT Presents the "10 Seconds of You" Workshop Fundraiser

Zapproved, Inc.
1414 NW Northrup Street
Portland, OR 97229, US (map)



If you are like us, establishing your presence in meetings, networking events and in other important situations is something you've been wanting to do for a long time! We are ready to get started on that journey and we'd like you to join us!

PDXWIT is partnering with Zapproved and Intel to bring you The Confidence Project's "10 Seconds of You" workshop. The evening will include food, beverages, great people and a workshop that will change how you present and feel about yourself!

The proceeds from this event will support PDXWIT


6:00 Check-In/Networking with food and beverages

6:30 Opening Remarks by Monica Enand, CEO of Zapproved

6:40 Workshop beings

8:15 Workshop ends

Workshop Details

“After 10-years, she was an overnight success,” illustrates the point that people rarely reach their victories over night. It takes talent, experience, hard work and leveraging every opportunity and advantage for women to compete for a seat at the table.

Beyond industry knowledge and experience, there are essential skills shared in this Workshop that can help you feel confident introducing yourself at networking events and industry meetings, competing for a promotion or negotiating in the boardroom.

With practice, these skills can represent a meaningful difference in how and when you reach your final destination in your well-planned career. Confidence Project skills are the great equalizer. Age, race, gender, background or financial net worth does not matter. Learn how to use these skills to your advantage in “getting from here to there.”

The 10 Seconds of You© Workshop offers simple, lively and helpful interaction with participantsto practice Introductions with Impact. Each person will craft her specialized 10 Seconds of You© (introducing herself with a hook for people to ask more) and then practice her 10 Seconds and short conversation with others.

Application of Skills Learned

Workshop participants will be able to use their 10 Seconds of You© immediately in both business and social settings. With practice, they will be able to engage more quickly and authentically with others which can boost their confidence.

Skills will include: Creating a strong first impression, introducing yourself with impact, owning your name, creating and practicing your personal 10 Seconds of You©

Contact [email protected] with questions

The proceeds from this event will support PDXWIT