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Develop useful and lasting applications on private and public Azure clouds

Microsoft Portland Office (Pearl District)
1414 NW Northrup St, Suite 900
Portland, OR 97209-2798, US (map)



This presentation will focus on how Azure and Azure Stack enable developers to “write once” and have the flexibility to deploy in private or public clouds. Developers can create applications based on a variety of technologies such as Windows, Linux, .NET, PHP, Ruby or Java all of which can be deployed and operated the same way across on-premise, hosted and public Azure deployments. Atmosera will provide some insights into the upcoming Azure Stack release and how best to take advantage of all its features to create a consistent platform regardless of how it is deployed. In this presentation you will learn:

  1. How Azure Stack enables seamless deployments on both public and private Azure clouds.
  2. Limitations to take into consideration.
  3. Specific use cases for addressing application latency, backups, and Disaster Recovery (DR) across hybrid clouds.

Speaker: Scott Harvey, Vice President of Engineering at Atmosera Scott Harvey leads Atmosera's engineering team driving innovation and efficiency into the products and services Atmosera offers. Scott is focused on defining and executing the development of new hybrid services including the evolution towards an increasingly software-defined cloud service platform. Scott previously held leadership positions at APCON, Overture Networks, Fujitsu, Siemens, and Gilbarco. Scott holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University, and one US Patent. https://www.linkedin.com/in/5036090017

Agenda: 11:30am registration and lunch - general Q&A 12:00pm presentation 12:30pm discussion and networking 1:00pm event ends