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IoTReX: Functional Reactive Programming & Hardware

3514 N. Vancouver Ave, Suite 400
Portland, OR 97227, us (map)




6:30 Arrive and Networking

6:45 Show and Tell

What have you been working on since the last meetup? Come and share what you've done. No project too small. A blinking LED is awesome! 

7:15 Talk - IoTReX: Functional Reactive Programming & Hardware - Sam Julien

Description: In March, Lyza gave us an introduction to johnny-five and Firmata, which opens the door to using virtually any JavaScript technology out there with our microcontrollers. Now we’re going to see how socket.io and RxJS can be used to read, manipulate, and visualize your analog data in real time - even wirelessly! This talk will cover setting up the platform, an introduction to functional reactive programming and RxJS, and some examples of what you can do with this powerful library.

Speaker Bio: Sam Julien is a developer, musician, and all-around adventurer.  When not working in C# and JavaScript for Energy Trust of Oregon or tinkering on hardware, you’ll probably find him blacksmithing, woodworking, hiking, or learning wilderness survival skills.

8:00 Networking

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