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Free Days: working and conversations 10am-4pm Monday to Friday

Collective Agency Downtown
511 SW 10th Ave, Suite 1108
Portland, OR 97205, US (map)

Access Notes

We're on the 11th floor, come on up. Non-members park bikes outside the building. Paid car parking is connected to the building, and a SmartPark is two blocks away near Target. Located on SW 10th and Washington, between Target and Powell's, on the big block of food carts. We're on the Streetcar line, a block from the Red and Blue MAX lines, and a 5-minute walk from the Green, Yellow, Orange lines.



RSVP at: https://www.facebook.com/collectiveagency/ or http://www.meetup.com/Collective-Agency-community-workplace/ or Twitter @CollectiveAgenC

First Fridays Free Days were a success so we're expanding to every weekday. Come work and have conversations at Collective Agency during our Free Days (Monday through Friday 10am-4pm each day).

Members, come as usual, and you can bring guests, it'll be the same for you as it has been but with more people here.

All new members and free people are making history or generally being great; take the quiz to see if you qualify. http://collectiveagency.co/quiz/ (we lowered the passing score from 20 to 17)

If you qualify, then there are 3 requirements:

1) RSVP commenting below with: your name, what days and times you expect to be here, what you’ll be working on (you can include a link to a website or social media), and what you’re looking for. This will be posted on our website, RSVP pages, and here on the wall.

2) While you’re here in the big loft room, each day you’ll find ways to talk with at least 2 people here for at least 30 minutes total.

3) Every day you're here free after the first day you're here, we ask for you to do 5-30 minutes of helping out Collective Agency in addition to being here and having conversations here. The simplest way is writing about us online. A Requests/Needs List is shared here.

The goal is potluck/stone-soup community gift-economy sharing for people here free, so we all contribute and grow (as a saying goes, "not free as in beer, but free as in kittens").

Schedule: • 10am – Open for free • 12pm – Optional lunch • 4pm – End of free day

Wednesdays 2-2:45pm are civics; you can participate in a group Q&A about here, and plan what you want to happen here. As we grow, we will keep room for free access here and expand to additional locations/satellite offices.

People here for free will have access to the big loft room, the kitchen, and restrooms, but not: conference rooms, locker storage, computer monitors. You can come in groups of up to 14 people but everybody has to qualify and do the actions described above. There are no age restrictions.

The community guidelines are the core of the terms of service, linked from the quiz.