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Open Space at Work!

308 SW 2nd Ave Fifth Floor
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)
Public WiFi



Are you not sure how to start solving the tough problems that you and your organization face? Do you ever wish that you could leverage the combined knowledge of your coworkers to innovate? Have you ever wanted to cross-pollinate practices across your company without having to plan a conference without PowerPoint and speakers and did I mention PowerPoint? Then Open Space might be right for you. Open Space is a facilitation technique that empowers large groups to leverage the shared knowledge of the attendees to self-organize to understand and ultimately solve problems (large and small) facing individuals, teams, and organizations. Open Space Technology has been used by corporations, non-profits, and community organizations to share knowledge, work through problems, and determine how to take action. At this month’s AgilePDX, we’ll learn how two Portland companies, ShiftWise and Tripwire, use Open Space to spread knowledge across team silos, identify organizational impediments, and guide change from the bottom up, while injecting some fun and teambuilding.

The discussion leaders:

Phyllis Thompson is the Agile Process Coach at ShiftWise, where she is has participated in the company’s agile adoption since 2012. Phyllis has worked with agile teams for nearly 10 years in a variety of roles: Scrum Master, Agile Project Manager, Product Owner, and as the manager of a PMO that rolled out an “Agile PLC” and Scrum/Agile training to more than 100 engineering team members at Serena Software, which used Scrum to develop an agile project management tool.

David began his career as a software engineer hacking on the Java Virtual Machine. After realizing that the challenges of leading people were just as exciting as crafting software that delights its users, he turned his attention to working with others to help grow individuals and Teams within the context of a larger organization. He feels that listening and communication are fundamental to understanding others and understanding yourself. By day, David is a member of Tripwire’s Agility Enablement Team. By night, he is an adjunct lecturer in the Computer Science Department at Portland State University. David likes watching things grown whether they are Teams, companies, his students, his family, or the vegetables in his garden.

As usual, pizza and pop are sponsored by the good folks at the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC).