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Portland Elm Welcome Event!

3514 N. Vancouver Ave, Suite 400
Portland, OR 97227, us (map)



This is the very first meeting of the Portland Elm Group. Come meet other cool people! Share your interests, questions, ideas, curiosity, whateva. I'll introduce Elm and why people like it, show off some simple code, and help everyone set up their environments to use Elm.

I'll have a challenge that people can work on to get a feeling for Elm with some handrails, too.

IMPORTANT: people completely new to code, computers, JavaScript, Elm, functional programming, and life are welcome. We are excited to welcome people of any age, gender, race, sexuality, or background.

You may like to check our website for some context about what to expect, in case you're anxious about feeling overwhelmed. Elm is very different from many starting programming languages, but it is NOT intrinsically more difficult than anything you have already mastered. The hardest part of learning anything new is seeing things a different way.