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Affect Conf

Ziba Design - Auditorium
810 NW Marshall
Portland, Oregon 97209, United States (map)



Affect is a new 2-day event about the work and design behind social good. It's part regular conference, with speaker talks, and part volunteering sessions, in which you'll get to head to local nonprofits and help out for half a day.


Ijeoma Oluo (The Establishment):
Opening Keynote

Deep Shah:
Healing Heathcare and Healing Yourself

Jessica Tate (ThinkShout)
Fighting Internet Censorship with Multi-cultural Design

Kahlief Adams (Spawn on Me):
Spawn4Good: A Lesson in Activist Gaming

Alfie Padilla (Pixel Arts):
Non-Binary Genders: A Queer and Practical Revolution

Amelia Abreu (Abreu Consulting):
Towards an Ethics of Care for Technology

Justin Kemerling:
Six Years of #NOKXL Design

Molly McLeod (Code for America):
Public Service Design: How You Can Make a Difference in Your Community

Liz Susong (Catalyst Wed Co):
When Wedding Media and Feminist Politics Meet

De Nichols (Civic Creatives):
Designing in Times of Social Conflict & Transition

Nadia Gathers (CODE2040):
Fatigue: on Burnout


Choose between helping out with p:ear, the Welcome Home Coalition/#Yes4Homes campaign, or Hack Oregon!

Tickets available at: https://affectconf.com/register