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Test Ruby PDX Monthly Meeting

Renew Financial
402 SW 6th Ave. #902
Portland, OR 97202, US (map)
Public WiFi

Access Notes

Renew Financial has offices on the 8th and 9th floors of the same building. Be sure to check the listing to know which one you're going to as access is limited after hours.

The meeting is held in the 1st floor conference room. Tell the security guard you're here for Test Ruby PDX and the conference room is across the lobby to your left.



Portland's testing user group for Ruby developers! Conversation and peer mentoring starting at 6, presentations at 7. For more information, follow @TestRubyPDX on Twitter or join the #testrubypdx Slack channel (under PDX.rb).

This month, get your match on with a double feature on RSpec's custom matchers! Stephen Prater will show us how to get our custom matchers working and then Robb Shecter will take it to the cloud in a presentation on testing web app configurations.

Stephen Prater - Custom Matchers for Fun, Profit, and World Domination

If you're only using RSpec's built-in matchers, you're missing out on an opportunity to create more robust and expressive specs. Using custom matchers, you can take full advantage of the framework's capabilities.

Robb Shecter - RSpec in the Cloud: Using custom RSpec matchers to manage web app configurations

Custom matchers are one of the most powerful descriptive features of the RSpec API. In this talk, Robb Shecter will show how to use them in a novel context: Testing live web application configurations.