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CUSUM Anomaly Detection (CAD) -- A novel anomaly detection algorithm

400 SW 6th, 8th floor, Portland, OR
Portland, OR 97204, us (map)



Co-hosted with the Portland Data User Meetup Group.

Brief description of the topic:

CAD is an anomaly detection method developed for time series of network traffic flow measurements.  CAD searches for anomalous subsequences of internet performance variable (download throughput, packet retransmit rate, round trip time) time series that are indicators of internet performance degradation.  

CAD was developed and implemented during a 3 month long Outreachy Internship at M-Lab.  CAD is written in R.  

The aim of this talk is to explain the main ideas behind CAD and to illustrate how it works via some real life examples.   

Talk given by Kinga Farkas.