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Ruby Book Club

Renewable Funding
400 SW 6th Avenue, Suite 902
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)

Call (503) 410-3119 after 6pm to be let into the building.



Reading through technical books in a group is a great way to learn. You can stay motivated by reading together; better apply what you are reading by actively communicating it, as well as hearing others perspectives that will help you better understand the book. Even if you're a more experienced developer it's a great way to keep your skill sharp and share your wisdom and experience. If none of that is convincing just come and have fun with fellow ruby developers!

We are starting a new book Clean Ruby by Jim Gay. We will be discussing chapters ('Being and Doing' to 'Crossing the Use Chasm')

Please come having read the chapters and ready to discuss it.

Pizza will be provided!

Book Summary

  • Learn to think about thinking. At the basis of every program lies a human being's mental model. Creating a program which accurately reflects a shared mental model is crucial to building habitable and maintainable systems.
  • East-oriented code. Learn how to better understand encapsulation and create code which enforces that the right objects have the right responsibilities.
  • Data, Context, and Interaction (DCI). Discover ways to flatten your object structure and create highly cohesive groups of objects that keep related things together, right where you need them.