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Portland JavaScript Admirers' Lightning Talks

Janrain Inc
519 Southwest 3rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97204, us (map)



This month we are having lightning talks! Everyone is encouraged to give a talk - especially if you have not given a talk before. This is a chance to practice giving a presentation without having to worry about filling up a lot of time, and in front of an understanding audience (because everyone else will also be concerned about how well their talk will go :)).

Lightning talks are five minutes or less. They can be on any topic that you like. Remember that five minutes go by fast, so try to keep your presentation simple. If you want to use slides, try to stick to ten or fewer screens - and fewer is better. For some advice, see:

If you are willing to give a talk, please sign up on the signup sheet.

You can give a talk even if you do not sign up in advance - but people who do sign up will get priority in case we run short on time.

If you have slides, it would be very helpful if you can post a link in the signup sheet or send them to me, so that we can queue up everyone's presentations on one computer. But feel free to sign up first, and add the link to your slides later when they are ready.

Feel free to join our mailing list at http://groups.google.com/group/pdxjs if you too are a JavaScript admirer. Or visit our web site for more information at http://pdxjs.com/.

If you're interested in making a presentation at a future meet-up, please e-mail Jesse Hallett .