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Hacking Oregon's Hidden Political Connections

1615 SE 3rd Ave, Suite 200
Portland, OR 97214, US (map)

Access Notes

Proceed to the second floor reception area for access, either via the stairs or via the elevators in the parking area.

We'll have someone at the door letting people in by 6:45p until 7p. After 7, there will be a sign posted on the door with a number you can call to be let in.



Hobson Lane will be doing a case study on recent work done on Hack Oregon's Behind the Curtain project.

He'll walk through several things:

  • Using python sets and pandas to find relationships between database tables, between politicians and the Ashley Madison dump, and between political action committees that you'd never imagine would support each other.

  • Using sklearn and TFIDF to compare committee descriptions.

  • Using d3 force-directed graphs to do interactive visualization and clustering on that network of connections.

Another joint meetup with the Portland Data Science Group.