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Let's Talk About Tests!

Plus QA
1319 SE MLK Blvd, Suite 220
Portland, OR 97214, us (map)



This month I'd like to talk about Tests and how much (or how little) everyone actually uses tests in their workflow in practice.

I know Xcode probably made a test target for your app, but have you filled it with tests? What kinds of tests? How many tests do you have? Do you run them on every commit? Every build? Every submission to the App Store? Do you use a 3rd party testing framework? Which one? What parts of the app do you test? Do you do UI Testing? Unit testing? Integration testing?

Come listen to others' answers to these questions (and more) and provide some answers (or questions) of your own!


• Doors open at 6pm

•Freeform chatting and networking until the meeting starts at 6:30pm

Post-meeting drinks at Bunk Bar or somewhere else nearby around 8:30pm.