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Dorkbot Meetup

CTRLH - PDX Hackerspace
7608 N Interstate Ave
Portland, OR 97217, us (map)



Part hackathon, part geek social, these biweekly meetings are a time for you to come join others for insight, inspiration or just insanity. 

Bring your toys for others to see, or come see what others have been painstakingly chipping away at in their spare time. 

Whether it's code or chips, hacking of all sorts is encouraged. But we also like to hear your crazy ideas, so please come join us and bring your willingness to share your brilliance. 

We'll be the kids with all the coolest stuff on the table. Hope to see you there.

"We'll also have the mini quadcopter cage setup in section 1 tonight for anyone who'd like to try out and/or critique what we'll have setup at the maker faire this weekend."

p.s. This event is open to everyone, dork or robot. No ^H membership is required to attend.