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Want More Women in Tech? Understand the Dynamics!

851 SW Sixth Avenue, 8th Floor
Portland, OR 97204, us (map)



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Let's explore how to attract and keep more women in tech over champaign brunch

The tech industry is clamoring for more women. Despite many efforts, the numbers haven’t changed much. Why?

All too often, diversity initiatives are designed without understanding the underlying dynamics.

At Navigate IT’s 1st allies event (men, this is your chance to join us), you will have the opportunity to be involved in a groundbreaking conversation on gender dynamics in tech. Be ready to share your perspective!

To prepare:

• Think about what is great about being a man or a woman in tech.

• Articulate some of the challenges you face related to your gender.

• Notice the gender dynamics in your workplace.

We will use a polarity map from the Integral framework to bring some of these dynamics to light. We will discover that ordinary aspects of our work lives, things we take for granted or don’t think about, can be obstacles - even with our best intentions.

Expect a rich and engaging conversation in a safe space.

You will:

• Have the opportunity to share your perspective and hear others’ perspectives.

• Gain a greater understanding of how gender dynamics influence your teams.

• Leave with new insight to help you navigate diversity. 

This is a rare opportunity to have a positive, honest dialog about important issues in the tech industry. It will be led by Terra Soma, co-founder of Navigate IT and Certified Integral Facilitator®. Her roles in tech have ranged from ecommerce analyst to software project manager. She now facilitates collaboration for tech teams.

Terra will be joined by Zachary Feder, a former associate with LionHeart Consulting. He is well trained in group dynamics and conflict resolution and is a longtime student of Integral Theory.

What your peers are saying about Terra and Zachary:

"I have rarely been in a public environment where I felt both supported and challenged. Most of these engagements end up either being too wishy-washy, or too confrontational. Terra and Zachary are a perfect yin-yang, neither of whom comes across as a cliche based on their gender, what we might think of as traditional feminine or masculine qualities. They both modeled all of them. Having that as their Way of Being made it all the easier for me to allow my own range of emotions to play out in the session. Comfortable, worthwhile, evolving. People say events "changed their life," and it can seem overstated, but I found out things about myself I was never able to put into words before, and yes, that changed my life."
- Joe B., Technical Trainer

What your peers are saying about Navigate IT

“Best 2 hours I have spent all week.” – Strength’s Lab participant

Event Schedule

6:00-6:30 food and networking

6:30-8:00 discussion

If you want to sign up for the event without joining the Meetup Group, you can register at Soma Collaborations.