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Portland Java User Group (PJUG)

1233 Northwest 12th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)



Extending WildFly Application Server

WildFly Application Server is not only an open-source certified Java EE 7 container, but it can also be extended to better suit your needs. We'll take a look at how WildFly can easily be extended by creating a simple extension.


James Perkins is a software developer at Red Hat working remotely from Portland, OR. He works as a core engineer on the WildFly Application Server, JBoss EAP, logging frameworks and JBeret (a JSR 352 batch implementation).

Discoveries in microbenchmarking with JMH

Microbenchmarking is fraught with peril. Method inlining. Dead code elimination. Constant folding. False sharing. Loop unrolling. Bimorphic and megamorhpic call sites. This talk explores these fantastic mysteries using JMH, the excellent microbenchmark harness from Oracle developed under the OpenJDK project.


Trask Stalnaker is a 16-year Java programmer, author of Glowroot, Portland native and alumnus of Stanford University (BS Mathematics).