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Collective Agency co-working 4-Year Anniversary: Open House, Lunch, Drinks

Collective Agency Downtown
511 SW 10th Ave, Suite 1108
Portland, OR 97205, US (map)

Access Notes

We're on the 11th floor, come on up. Non-members park bikes outside the building. Paid car parking is connected to the building, and a SmartPark is two blocks away near Target. Located on SW 10th and Washington, between Target and Powell's, on the big block of food carts. We're on the Streetcar line, a block from the Red and Blue MAX lines, and a 5-minute walk from the Green, Yellow, Orange lines.



Collective Agency, co-working in Portland Oregon turns 4 years old this month! This Tuesday July 21st is the open house from 9am to 5pm. Lunch is at 12pm (bring your own), drinks are at 4pm (we'll provide). The disco ball might turn on for a bit. There will be cupcakes. We'll be open to the public for the workday. For people interested in membership, you'll get a sense of the cozy workplace community here and can sign up, and for people who just want to visit for the day and share with their friends and co-workers, that's great too.

We've hosted more open-source related events in the past 4 years than almost any other venue in Portland, are rated one of the best co-working places in the U.S., and have won awards as one of the world's most democratic workplaces.

Community: Members here value socializing and community activities at their workplace. There’s desire expressed by members to have people here and community activities. Openness, socializing, inspiration, and friendships are largely what defines a successful event and a great day here.

Many of us eat lunch and talk on the sofas here each day. There are weekly activities. Most of the time people are productively working.

Neighborhood Notes wrote an article about the open house: http://www.neighborhoodnotes.com/events/2015/07/collective_agency_celebrates_4_years_of_work_space_collaborations/

RSVP for the open house on Facebook (the link at the top of this page) or just show up. The community guidelines are the core of the terms of service. http://collectiveagency.co/community-guidelines Sharing info about Collective Agency with people you know who might be interested is great.

Membership is open. $250 per month or $2,400 per year per person includes: 24/7 access to the big loft room, conference room access (3 hours for each person each day for phone calls and meetings), and community activities. Companies can have up to 20 members here. Full info on membership is at: http://collectiveagency.co/membership

Come and work here!

Contact: Alex Linsker | Business Owner | (503) 517-6900 | [email protected]