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Portland Startup Summit 2.0.1

1001 SE Morrison St
Portland, Oregon 97214, US (map)



Portland is the next big thing.

You're invited to Portland Startup Summit 2.0.1, taking place at Holocene (1001 SE Morrison St.) from 11 AM to 7 PM on Monday, July 13.

Register now and join our online community: http://www.portlandstartupsummit.com

Agenda & Speakers:

THE POWER OF THE PORTLAND BRAND Portland is more than just a city – it's a global brand. Nobody understands this better than Marcus Harvey, Founder of Portland Gear and the ever-popular @Portland instagram account. Rather than building a novel identity from scratch, this talk encourages founders to co-brand with Portland from day one – a tactic embraced not only by Marcus, but by this very summit. • Marcus Harvey, Founder, Portland Gear

THE FUTURE OF FOOD This feature session reflects upon the rapidly evolving Portland food scene, sharing the stories and viewpoints from three local leaders in the booming industry. This panel will share the personal stories from the visionaries behind companies and brands that people know; explore different food startup business models (eg. What kind of food startup is fundable, and by whom?); discuss case studies and examples of successful food startups; and speculate openly and with sweeping hand gestures on the future of food in Portland. • Erik Wolf, Founder, SavorSearch • Tom Gillpatrick, Juan Young Professor of Marketing and Food Management, Portland State University • Sarah Masoni, Product & Process Development Manager, OSU Food Innovation Center • Matt Milletto, Owner/Partner, Water Avenue Coffee

KEYNOTE: RISE OF THE SILICON VALLEY AMBASSADOR As Portland and the Bay Area grow ever more interconnected, startups need to be active on both sides of the #SiliconBridge. Portland startups can do this by working with a Silicon Valley Ambassador, a role being pioneered by Bay Area technology veteran Mary Hodder, who works alongside the Portland-based team at Village. This talk will explore the dynamics of a multi-city team and present a vision of the Silicon Valley Ambassador as a new, yet vital, position for Portland startups to consider. • Mary Hodder, Co-Founder & CPO, Village

THE PERSONAL IS THE PROFESSIONAL This talk explores the evolving nature of professionalism in the era of cultural diversity, decentralized media, and personal branding. It's time to rethink assumptions about professional identity, moving towards a framework of empowerment, individuality, and interconnection. • Dave Barcos, Founder, Bridge Incubator

AN INSIDE LOOK AT INTRAPRENEURSHIP Innovation matters to big companies as much as small ones. In a process called "intrapreneurship," large organizations empower champions to create and scale new opportunities. In many ways the best of both worlds – and in many ways more challenging – this talk explores intrapreneurship from the perspective of one its most experienced practitioners. • Jay Fayloga, Intrapreneur & Advisor

STARTING UP WITHOUT INVESTORS Drawing on the success stories of local crowdfunded startups, this panel examines non-traditional sources of capital in an increasingly diverse funding landscape. Panelists will discuss both the advantages and drawbacks to non-traditional fundraising, sharing success stories and lessons learned in the process. • Thubten Comerford, Founder, WePost Media • Kristen Gallagher, Founder, Edify Education Design • Helga Waage, Co-Founder & CTO, Mobilitus • Tekin Tatar, CEO & Co-Founder, BeFunky

Learn more and register here: http://www.portlandstartupsummit.com