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Fun with Factual Failures

Hollywood Theater (Portland)



The first ever Curiosity Club off-site is coming! On June 22nd, 2015, we take over the Hollywood Theatre and try out an experimental new format. As our slogan goes, "We admit that it is impossible to know everything about anything and thus we remain perpetually curious and perpetually novice.” Part of good noviceship is asking questions, and we’re taking our questions to the stage!

Throughout life human beings are presented with de facto “truths” that are actually totally erroneous. These untrue “truths” may come from pervasive misunderstandings within culture, they may be handed down through institutional systems like education, government or religion, and sometime they come straight from a trusted authority figure like a parent. Big or small, they deserve to be questioned!

We've asked a power panel of Curiosity Club alumni to share some of the best and worst “facts" that they've ever come across. They will discuss the historical situations that led to these misconceptions, the proof that these “truths" are actually false, and their thoughts and feelings on living these lies.

See the panelist and more details at: http://www.handeyesupply.com/blogs/curiosityclub/30032705-curiosity-club-live-at-the-hollywood-theatre-06-22-15