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eBay Tech Tuesdays: Accessibility Part 1: Creating an Inclusive Workplace

eBay Community Lounge
1400 SW 5th Avenue, 3rd Floor
Portland, OR 97201, US (map)

Access Notes

ADA Accessible - The building is wheelchair accessible via the main doors on SW 5th. (Automatic openers are on the pillar on the left in front of the doors.) The Community Lounge and restrooms associated with the Community Lounge are also wheelchair accessible. Seating for events can easily be removed or arranged as necessary to accommodate any needs.



This month's Tech Tuesday will be Part 1 of a two-part series on accessibility for people with disabilities. The focus of the evening will be on how employers and employees can work together to create an environment where every member of the team can thrive.

Our speakers will be sharing their personal and professional insights on accessibility in the workplace. Please understand that this evening isn’t about policies and procedures, although chances are good you’ll learn something on that front. Instead, it's designed as an opportunity to have conversations about attitudes, perspectives, and stigmas about disabilities.


• Cory Klatnik, Data Center Social Media & Community Manager, Intel

Cory was one of the organizers for last year's Startup Weekend Access and is legally blind. He'll be speaking about his personal experiences in the workplace, as well as sharing his thoughts on what employers and co-workers can do to create a more inclusive workplace.

• Incight.org

Incight.org is a 501(c) 3 non-profit that supports and empowers key life aspects of education, employment, and independence for people with disabilities. A representative from the organization will be speaking on attitudes, perspectives, and stigmas, as they pertain to employees with disabilities.

• Diana Laboy-Rush, Mobile App Developer, Aruba Networks

Diana recently worked on a small team developing a product for people with significant hearing loss. Her team members included one person who was completely deaf. She will be talking about what she expected, what the reality was, what she learned about her own perceptions, and what she would recommend for others who find themselves in her place.

As usual, I'm really excited about these speakers. I think the combination of experiences and perspectives and knowledge are going to lead to some really interesting and thoughtful conversations and questions.

Part 2 will be happening Tuesday, August 25th. That Meetup will be focused on accessibility as it pertains to developing technologies, websites, apps, and more. Please save the date!

Both evenings we will have an ASL interpreter during the presentations and Q&A.

As usual, doors open at 5:45pm and we’ll have pizza & sodas for you.

Presentation starts at 6:30pm.

We look forward to seeing you!