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PDXBYTE - Ricochet Robot! Do AI In C

Crowd Compass
308 SW Second Ave., Suite 200, Portland, OR
Portland, OR 97204, us (map)

Enter through doors on SW 2nd Ave



Ricochet Robot! Do AI In C

Alex Randolph's wonderful game Ricochet Robot (Rasende Roboter) depends on a player's ability to quickly find a path through a large maze. In this talk, I describe the game, and then describe my solution to the game (the first solution I am aware of): a table that allows instant lookup of the solution to any given game position. The table is almost 1 TB uncompressed, and required around 30 CPU-days to generate.

This application is a good demonstration of why and how much AI is still done in C. I will show some techniques for clean yet highly efficient coding, demonstrate some infrastructure building and use, and discuss tradeoffs between memory use, speed optimization and easily verifiable correctness.

Bart Massey is a 15th year Assoc. Prof. of Computer Science at Portland State University. Bart has a CS PhD from University of Oregon's Computational Intelligence Research Lab. He has been programming in C for more than 30 years, and is a regular contributor to the open source community.

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Talk begins at 7, get there early for socializing.

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