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PDX iOS: What's in a mobile database - Samuel Giddins w/ Realm

Plus QA
1319 SE MLK Blvd, Suite 220
Portland, OR 97214, us (map)



NOTE: I wanted to make sure everyone saw the location difference! We'll be meeting at Plus QA again this month!

ALSO NOTE: We're meeting a week early this month due to some travel conflicts for the organizers ;)

It seems like every year, we see a new database launch. But most of them are designed to work in server environments, not solve the problems that mobile developers face. A database that's truly designed to work on phones, tablets, and watches is going to look different from SQLite -- it will be built on a universal, cross-platform, memory-mapped, thread-safe data representation of data, via a simple and object-oriented API. The focus will be to let developers write apps faster, focus on crafting better experiences, and handle more data locally.