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PDX PMI Agile Roundtable: Pervasive Leadership

Unitus Community Credit Union
1300 SW Sixth Ave – 4th Floor Community Room
Portland, OR (map)



As many of us know, servant leadership is the preferred model in most Agile-aspiring organizations and communities. So, why what is pervasive leadership and why do we need it?

On January 1, InfoQ, an international go-to source for agilists and technologists alike, published "We Need No Less than Pervasive Leadership" (http://www.infoq.com/articles/need-pervasive-leadership). This leadership model, propounded by Jean Richardson, builds on research done for her master's thesis and her experience in and observations of Agile Teams and Agile-aspiring organizations.

Reading the article is not a requirement for attendance. Jean will open with a brief outline of why she was motivated to form this model and what it's basic approach is. This presentation, as with most of Jean's public engagements, will be dialogic in nature. So, your curiosity and questions are key to the quality of the experience for all of us.