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PDX Creative Coders: Show & Tell w/ speaker Chris Adams

419 NE 10th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97232, US (map)



If you'll recall, at the last S&T, we got to experience some OpenGL timelapse in large form, a couple of people showed off their amazing pieces that were in the uncontext. show at the Diode Gallery, and we saw the world premiere of plin.co, a modern version of Plinko.

It's a new year, and we're going to get it started right.

Chris Adams is a software developer working in the political space at ActBlue, an occasional software artist, and an obsessive book collector.

His interests in digital art and book collecting periodically collide, grinding his brain to a halt. After years of working through this morass, he’s got thoughts enough to fill a talk & therapy session on the physical potentials of generative art. Let’s discuss!

Generative Things: What happens when algorithms get physical?

So you have a generative art project and you’ve chosen a single generated image for an art print. Now where is the essence of your project? What is the relationship of that print to your algorithm? Artists that work with generative processes have a problematic relationship with traditional means of production and distribution of art products. What solutions do we have, apart from bolting an iPad to the wall?

Community Presentations

As always, we're looking to you, the community and members of the group, to present a project or give a short talk. If you have something to show and/or tell (and I know you do), please use this sign-up form. You could present:

• a short case study for a finished product

• an interactive work you've been jamming on 

• a work in progress that you are excited about and want to get feedback on

• lessons learned from a past project 

• anything you want! This is your group! 

New to public speaking or nervous about giving a talk? We're here to help. Send us a message and we can help to craft the amazing presentation inside of you.