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AgilePDX: Pushing Practice to Proficiency

308 SW 2nd Ave Fifth Floor
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)
Public WiFi



The market environment today is challenging: Teams need to deliver working, high-quality code in an increasingly short time frame. We hear echoes of this in leadership’s implorations to “go faster”. To succeed, engineering teams need the flexibility to alter our course multiple times during product development. The practices to accomplish this are well-established, yet teams continually encounter difficulty changing their behavior. Matt will discuss the challenges a team faces in adopting new techniques, and an approach for achieving sustained excellence.

Matt Plavcan is a Technical Practices Coach with the Intel Emergent Systems and Coaching team. He is a 17-year Intel veteran; his previous efforts include validation of the Pentium 4 and Core microprocessors and teaching Intel architecture at the University of Illinois. Matt is the founder of the Code Dojo and Coderetreat program at Intel, which uses dedicated practice to hone professional programming skills. He runs similar events for the Portland programming community.