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Open Source Bridge Worksprint

Mozilla Portland Office
Brewery Block 2 1120 NW Couch St, Suite 320
Portland, Oregon 97209, US (map)

Mozilla's on the 3rd floor. Doors will be locked, but call number listed on building's entrance to be let up.



Help us get ready for the 2015 conference by attending a Hackathon for Open Source Bridge. We'll be working on outreach, coding, documentation, and more: https://github.com/osbridge/planning/issues?q=is%3Aopen.

This is the first of several hackathons. If this one doesn't work for you, keep your eyes peeled for the next one, or fill out the survey here http://opensourcebridge.org/get-involved/ to be alerted about future volunteer opportunities.

Tasks you can help with:

  • outreach
    • look at the sponsorship prospectus (http://opensourcebridge.org/sponsors/sponsorship/ ), think of communities, organizations, companies you have connections to, and send them personal emails asking them to sponsor OSB
    • think of awesome diverse speakers you'd love to see talks from at OSB 2015, email them requesting a talk proposal & telling them to watch for the CfP in January
  • coding
    • wiki maintenance
    • OpenConferenceWare improvements (see github.com/osbridge/openconferenceware/issues), such as adding a field for YouTube links
    • talk to Reid about helping with server deployment stuff (using Chef)
  • documentation
    • help transfer notes and tasks from Etherpad and people's minds to GitHub
    • update notes on the Open Source Bridge 2014 wiki