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CLSx Portland: Community Leadership Summit Unconference

Mozilla Portland Office
Brewery Block 2 1120 NW Couch St, Suite 320
Portland, Oregon 97209, US (map)

A host will be at the doors to let people in for the first 15 minutes of the event. If the host is not in the lobby a sign with a number to text and email will be there to call for someone to let you in!



This event brings together community leaders, organizers and managers and the projects and organizations that are interested in growing and empowering a strong community, At the heart of CLSx Portland 2014, styled after the annual Community Leadership Summit, is an open unconference-style event in which everyone who attends is welcome to lead and contribute sessions on any topic that is relevant. These sessions are very much discussion sessions: the participants can interact directly, offer thoughts and experience, and share ideas and questions. These unconference sessions are also augmented with a series of presentations from leaders in the field and networking opportunities. This event is open to individuals seeking to develop their leadership skills, whether you have been a leader for years, or are seeking to be a leader. Please note space is limited for this event. About the keynote speaker Mary McGill: For the past 13 years, Mary McGill has led a team and community of people in Portland that care about living a life of purpose and expressing their truest selves while doing so.  This community is part of an International Organization called The Way of the Heart.  Mary leads with inspiration, creativity and empowerment. She is interested in helping individuals and groups empower themselves to make a difference in the world.Mary is a Licensed Professional Counselor and The Area Coordinator of The Way of the Heart™ with over 25 years experience as a clinician, facilitator and trainer. She maintains a private practice in SW Portland, Oregon and sponsors The Way of the Heart™ Training within the Pacific Northwest.   For attendees, please note our anti-harrassment policy: http://www.communityleadershipsummit.com/about/harassment/ The Community Leadership Summit is an annual event conceived back in 2009 by Jono Bacon, who is currently the Senior Director of Community at XPRIZE, former community manager for the global Ubuntu community, and author of The Art of Community by O’Reilly. He has organized it each year since then. He put together the summit as a first step in helping community managers and leaders to define and refine their work, share knowledge and make connections in a vendor neutral way. CLSx events are local CLS style events that happen in locations around the world. FInd out more about CLS: http://www.communityleadershipsummit.com/about/