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pdxUX - Principles for the Working Product Designer

Jama South
334 NW 11th Ave
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)

Our new sponsor Jama Software is welcoming us to their "Jama South" location at 334 NW 11th Ave.



We're very pleased to have Chris Rivard, product designer and design manager specializing in data product design and visualization, presenting. Working at the intersection of business and design, Chris has spent 15 years bringing fresh insight, visual communication and design thinking to both large enterprises and growing startups.

A product designer's goal is to get products into the hands of users - to ship it, and get feedback. But as the steps to achieve that goal grow more complex, we're often faced with situations far outside the purview of what we consider “design”. In this talk, Chris will cover what it takes to bring a product from sketch to market while navigating the complexities inherent in software product design. He'll leave attendees with practical tips for dealing with those "non-design" situations. Hint: It's all design.