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Write The Docs PDX: RESTful API Documentation

eBay Community Lounge
1400 SW 5th Avenue, 3rd Floor
Portland, OR 97201, US (map)

Access Notes

ADA Accessible - The building is wheelchair accessible via the main doors on SW 5th. (Automatic openers are on the pillar on the left in front of the doors.) The Community Lounge and restrooms associated with the Community Lounge are also wheelchair accessible. Seating for events can easily be removed or arranged as necessary to accommodate any needs.

1400 SW 5th Avenue, 3rd Floor, Portland, OR

Please arrive by 6pm. I want to start sort of promptly, by 6:05.

The building entry doors will be locked at 7pm.

I'll appreciate help cleaning up, so we can depart by 8:30.



If you work with the World Wide Web, you’ve encountered a RESTful API. If you’ve retweeted a message, you’ve used a RESTful API. If you’ve searched for data on ESPN, you’ve made a RESTful API call.

But what of developers who need to automate this process, to make calls to potentially thousands of RESTful API endpoints?

They need documentation. Sure, they can read the code of the people who developed the RESTful APIs, but what they really need are examples. As one of the speakers at the Write The Docs ’14 conference noted, “Developers are people too.”

Jody Bleyle and Jennifer Rondeau will give us some insight into RESTful APIs, what they are, how you can interact with them, and what they have done to document their RESTful APIs.

They will also show us some options for automating RESTful API documentation.

Jennifer and Jody will give us some clues. :)