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Flux Furniture Give Away!



You've got one last chance to experience Flux magic tonight! Flux is closing and we need all the furniture out TOnight.

We still got 2 Big sofas to give away (bring a truck truck).

There's 2 really nice desks left. Green Velvet swivel Sofa chair (see picture), 2 red sofa chairs, 2 large sturdy work tables, one long folding table, a bunch of nice office chairs (6 I think?) and an opportunity to finally drink booze in Flux. I just gotta get the stuff out, mop the floors and call it done.

Tomorrow I'm meting with the landlord to turn over the keys. 412 NW Couch St Suite 222 6pm till it's done (I'm hoping 8 or 9pm).

Thanks everyone for making last night so fun! molly